Kalashmas 2018 - Ken Allen Training *2-Day Ticket*

  • Kalashmas 2018 - Ken Allen Training *2-Day Ticket*
  • Kalashmas 2018 - Ken Allen Training *2-Day Ticket*
  • Kalashmas 2018 - Ken Allen Training *2-Day Ticket*

Ken Allen Training - Day 1 of Kalashmas 2018 Event (12/1/2018) 9am - 5pm

Where: Renaissance Shooting Club

Technical, Tactical, & Practical

This will be a Personal Defense Carbine course instructed by Ken Allen.  Technical Skills for Base Level to Intermediate-Advanced Shooters.  Use of Cover, Alternative Positions, Barricades, Movement, Situational, Awareness, Accuracy & Accountablity, Communication, Speed via Efficiency, and Machine Gun Shoot.

Prerequisites:  No Formal / Professional Training is required.  This environment is friendly, fun, and welcoming.  All students must understand and practice firearms safety and have general knowledge of their working mechanics for their safe operation.  One must be able to keep ones finger(s) clear from the trigger and trigger space when they are NOT on-target and ready-to-engage the target.  One must be able to safely manage the firearms(s), understand and use the safety selector and place sites on target, press the trigger, placing rounds on an intended target.  We will teach the rest.

Tools: Any required equipment (including sight adjustment tool, optics, Back Up Iron Sights, etc.)

AK (7.62, 5.45, or 5.56) or AR or SCAR Carbine, Pistol Braced Carbine Cal. Firearm, or SBR - fully functional, zeroed and maintained.

Sling: "2-Point" Adjustable preferred

6 Carbine magazines (30 round capacity mage preferred) Bring extra if you have them.

Duty Belt or Chest Rig w/ minimum of 3 Mag Holders.  (Be able to carry minimum of 3 extra rifle magazines plus one in the firearm)

Ammo: Approx 450-600 Rounds (No AP) (Note: This is an estimate.  Varies based on class dynamic.  Bring extra.  No Reloads or Remanufactured Ammo)

Lube and Rag

Eye + Ear Protection (Electronic ear pro recommended)

Sharpie, Pen, Note Pad

Shooters Cap, Sturdy Footwear, Shooting Gloves, Cargo Pants (preferred), Clothing Layers (suitable for environmental conditions), Rain Jacket, Sunscreen/Bug Spray, First Aid Kit

Snacks & Lunch, Cooler w/ Ice and Water

Optional: Trauma Kit w/ Tourniquet, Camp Chair, Mag Loader, Spare Firearm (in case of failure), Weapon Mounted Flashlight