Installation Instructions

Yugo M85/M92 Peep Sight Installation Guide:

Cheese Grater Installation Guide:

1.) Check for orientation. These are tapered like the wood uppers, so it is important they install in the correct direction.

2.) Check gas tube retainer fitment. These are meant to be adjusted since the tolerances may vary depending on condition and origin of your gas tube. Ideally, you want to adjust the radius outward so that it requires a light 'squeeze' to fit the upper into the retainers. This will create a 'spring' effect to keep the upper tight in place.

3.) Twist upper into place by mounting the rear of the gastube into a vise or by using channel locks. I would advise wearing gloves to grip the upper to make it easier. You may find it is easier to twist one direction vs. the other.

4.) If at any point down the road your cheese grater upper becomes loose, remove and repeat steps 2 & 3.

**Tips** I would strongly recommend following these installation steps before removing any material or doing any modifying to the uppers. We test fit every cheese grater to our gas tubes before clearing them for finish. We finish these in Manganese Phosphate as a base so that the end user can finish to match their specific rifle. We coat them in a light oil before shipping and would recommend keeping lightly oiled until ready for final finish.

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