What products are In-Stock and ready to Ship?

Any product that can be Added to Cart is In-Stock and Ready to Ship.

When will (Out of Stock Item) be available for purchase again?

We do not have firm timelines for product restocks at this time.  The best way to receive notifications about product restocks is to utilize the "Notify Me" feature on the specific product pages.  This application will send an email alert immediately after inventory is added to the website.  Products that are discontinued will be removed from the website completely.  

Do you ship internationally?

We DO NOT ship internationally at this time, however we can ship anywhere domestically in the U.S.A. including American Samoa, Guam, Northern Mariana Islands, Puerto Rico, and US Virgin Islands.

Will (Specific Product) fit my application?

Please refer to the website product description for details about specifications and compatibility.  If you are still unable to verify product compatibility, submit an inquiry through our Contact Us page.  Please include: Product Description, Application Make & Model.  For example, "Will your optic mount fit my Century?" does not provide sufficient information to resolve your inquiry.  "Will the Bravo Mount work with my Century Arms WASR-10?" does provide sufficient information for us to resolve your inquiry.

Will (Specific Product) require gunsmithing to install on my rifle?

It is important to understand that Kalashnikov rifles are built using very crude manufacturing methods to very loose tolerances.  Components are individually hand fit and/or pressed onto the rifle at the factory, which means that no 2 rifles will be precisely identical.  As the end user, you should expect that removing hand fit factory parts and replacing them with aftermarket accessories will likely require some degree of hand fitting as well.  The products we sell do not require professional gunsmithing, however we do understand that not all of our customers have the experience and/or resources to diagnose an unexpected issue with their rifle.  If at any point during a part or accessory installation you reach a point that you do not have the experience or confidence to diagnose, fix, or complete the installation safely, we recommend that you consult with a professional gunsmith.

Do you offer Military or Law Enforcement discount?

Thank you for your service!  We do seasonal discounts throughout the year for certain holidays, including Veterans Day and Memorial Day.  Most of these promotions are posted and shared to our social media assets on or before the holiday.  Please subscribe to our Facebook and/or Instagram pages for recent posts and updates.

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